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October 15, 2021
3 min

Why Disco is the best online shopping assistant out there

Let's be real: the internet has hundreds of different services that are supposed to help you find the best deal on the market. Are you fed up of spending hours scrolling through fake coupon websites to save your hard earned cash?

Disco is here to help. How, you ask? 

First up – instant savings

Unlike other discount services, you don't have to earn rewards to unlock our savings. With Disco you get your discount as soon as you make a purchase –– it’s included in the price at checkout. So if you want, you can spend the money you saved straight away 😎

Best offers in town 

Our partners are the biggest brands on the market, with offers tailored just for you. Exclusive discounts and special offers from a wide range of partners are yours for the taking.

How do I sign up ?

No need to jump through hoops - all you have to do is sign up to Disco and install the extension to your browser (find out how here). That’s literally it! You can start saving on the spot!

If I refer a friend, do I get a discount code?

Yep! Invite a friend using your referral link and you both get £10 of bonus discount. A free tenner never hurt anyone.

What about customer service ?

Our Disco team is here to help you  24/7. Have a question? Drop us an email at or message us on Facebook or on Instagram.

How can I see which companies are offering deals?

We've created a drop-down list so you can see all our partner brands and which deals they're currently offering to their customers. Click, shop, save: That's it!

Will you email me exclusive deals and discounts?

We make sure you NEVER miss any news from us or our brand partners. New special offer for Halloween or Valentine's Day? You’ll be the first to know! Don't forget to subscribe to our weekly newsletter (locate the Subscribe Now section and enter your email).

As you can see, we want you to have a good time at our Disco 🕺🏻 and we’ll do anything to help you to have a good time, 100% hassle-free!

Download Disco here!