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October 15, 2021
5 min

What do your shopping habits say about you?

We’ve all heard that your favourite coffee can reveal your personality. A laid back person drinks a smooth latte, while someone sweet adds a lot of sugar.

The same is true for online shopping, what you buy and why you buy it can say a lot about who you are. We did some research and came up with the four most common types of shoppers.

Impulsive Shopper

The impulsive shopper is always in the mood to buy something, needs and wants are of little consequence. If he sees it, he gets it, and sometimes he regrets it. This one is a major spender and can often drive the market.

Luckily for him, Disco is here to help save money. All he needs to do is download the app and discounts will start being applied to his cart automatically.  His impulsivity will instantly become less of a burden on the wallet. 

If you want to find out how to sign up for Disco then click here.

The Planner

The planner is never one to be taken in by the spur of the moment. They create thorough lists for everything: groceries, travel, home appliances, clothing. Everything is planned and categorized in advance. He knows where he’ll be in six months and what bathing suit he’ll wear by the pool.

The planner will be well aware of installment plans. When he can’t cover a cost immediately he’ll resort to paying things off over the span of a few weeks or months. The buy now pay later model isn’t always available. Disco is here to make sure that the planner is never caught with his pants down, we expand this service to cover all affiliates. 

Rewards Collector

Brands love the Rewards Collector, because they are loyal. Regularly returning to the stores they love over and over again. They collect loyalty cards and reward point bonuses habitually until their wallets are bursting at the seams. 

“The more the merrier” is the motto of this shopper. They have a virtual piggy bank and access to instant savings at every store they visit. Sometimes it’s not even about a deal or discount, but just the need to collect and hoard these points.  

Disco is here to make sure more brands value loyalty. We’re making  reward collecting easier than ever. 

Deal Hunter

Also  known as “a smarty pants”, the deal hunter is a Sherlock Holmes when it comes to sniffing out discounts. His favourite day of the year is Black Friday and he knows how far a well sourced coupon can take him.

So which one are you?