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November 10, 2021
3 min

Meet Our New Retailer –– Tesco!

We’re starting a new month with some exciting news! Rest assured,  it was worth the wait!

Without further ado, the largest supermarket chain in the UK, and our new brand partner. With over 3400 stores in the UK and branches in five other countries. The ninth largest chain in the world by revenue.  

T-e-s-c-o! Yes, Tesco!

From now on Tesco’s extensive collection is at your fingertips for Disco prices. No coupons, no cashback, just instant savings.  

Just head over to and make a purchase. Instant discounts are available with the Disco browser extension (which you can download from our website or directly from Chrome).

You can find the latest deals and offers from Tesco here.

Don’t forget to install the Disco browser extension from our website or directly from Chrome.

Want to know how Disco works? Find out more about how to get great discounts here.

Happy Tesco online shopping!