The shopping extension that gives you discounts

Disco is the browser extension that guarantees discounts on your favourite brands

Install it from the Chrome Store

How #DiscoMagic works

Install browser extension

Visit the Chrome Webstore, add the Disco extension to your browser and start seeing discounts in search results or on featured online shops

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Discover unique discounts

The discounts you see are unique. You will never find them anywhere else. How? Pure magic. Almost. Who cares how it works if it works, huh?

Buy with a discount

Once registered, push the green button at the checkout to buy at a discounted price. Easy!

Discover guaranteed discounts with the Disco extension and forget about time-wasters like cashback websites, coupons and the rest. Ready to buy with a discount? Just register and let the magic happen

Ready to buy with a discount? Complete registration to let the magic happen


Invite a friend to save together

Don’t forget to invite a friend to share the magic: you’ll both get an extra £10. Friends are your greatest asset - that and the time you’ll save for living your best young life (ask grandma, she knows)

Why should you Get Disco?

You’re a savvy shopper tired of exorbitant prices, endless searches for discount codes and the unbearable flaws of cashback providers. Shop with Disco, the only extension that guarantees discounts

Save on every purchase
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Become an early adopter

Disco is being tested in a closed beta. If you want to take part, or be the first to find out about the upcoming launch, let us know by filling in the form

We'll be rewarding testers with £50 of additional discounts

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