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Get to know Disco — a revolutionary online discounts service
Our solution brings affiliate marketing to a new level.
Find out how you can benefit from partnering with Disco.
Disco balances usability and aesthetic to create the best online shopping experience on the market. Our design attracts customers.
We collaborate closely with merchants to create a profitable, sustainable relationship. Disco makes it easy to create special offers and more to promote your products exactly how you want.
Disco asks users for confirmed banking details, tracks repeat transactions, and performs monitoring and checking to identify users with multiple accounts. We keep your transactions safe and secure.
Our goal is to help you deliver first-class customer service that builds long-lasting relationships and strong customer loyalty.
We are ready to embrace new ideas that will enhance the experience of our partners and users.
Browser Extension
Our main product is a secure browser extension
that works in all modern web browsers.
Discounts on Online Purchases
Disco provides customers with instant discounts on purchases instead of cashback. This way, we can attract customers who want instant savings but are suspicious of cashback.
Easy Shopping
The Disco browser extension integrates smoothly into the user flow. We are ready to adapt the visual design of the app to correspond to a merchant's style for a seamless experience.
Grow Your Customer Base
More potential customers will be exposed to your store through promos.
Increase Retention
Customers who have always-on discounts stay with a merchant for longer.
Increase Order Value
Discounts and special offers increase the average order value.
Reach higher income
A larger customer base, increased customer retention, and increased order values lead to more revenue and increased growth.
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