Meet Disco

The shopping extension that gives discounts

Disco is a browser extension that helps you save money when you shop online. Simply add it to your browser to start spending less


How it works

Disco finds and activates every available discount when you shop online or search on Google, including special offers and bonus discounts

JUST pay less

Let's say you want to buy some new tech. The shop you've gone to pays up to £20 for every new customer

Disco gives you the £20 as an instant discount on the tech you want

The shop gives £20 cashback to Disco after you buy the product

How to start getting discounts

Disco lets you save
at 50+ stores

Do you want to become a tester? Let us know!

Disco is being tested in a closed beta. If you want to take part, or be the first to find out about the upcoming launch, let us know by submitting this form

We'll be rewarding testers with £50 of additional discounts to use on 5 or more purchases

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Frequently asked questions

How does Disco give me discounts?

Shops pay us commissions for generating sales. Disco uses this money to provide you with exclusive discounts

How do you make money?

We earn a commission from processing your payment. That’s why we ask you to add your card

Is my card well protected?

Rest assured, safety is our top priority. We use top-notch technology to keep you, Disco and our merchants safe.

Can I use Disco and a voucher code at the same time?

Some stores support this and others don’t. When layering discounts are not allowed, you’ll get a notification

Can I use Disco with TopCashBack?

Most stores don’t let you use Disco and cashback services at the same time. You’re better off with Disco: you get the discount up front, and unlike cashback, the savings are guaranteed

Do you have a referral program?

Yep! Invite a friend using your referral link and you’ll both get £10 of bonus discount. (Heads up: you’ll have to split the £10 between 2 purchases of no less than £20.)

Do you collect or share data with any 3rd party?

We might use browser extensions to check what's in your basket, as well as to see how you use Disco. However, we never track your general online behavior, and we don’t share financial data with any third party.

Why do you need my phone number, name and email?

We need this information to comply with banking regulations and to properly process your discounted payments